If you care at all about organic traffic to your site, then you have to understand the weight web design has on SEO.

Let's dive into some of the reasons why and how web design affects SEO.

Reason 1:

Your site needs to be designed to convert.

If it isn't, then that organic traffic is just a vanity metric. The goal of organic traffic is to get more sales/clients/etc right? (Check your bounce rate for this data!)

Reason 2:

Site Load Speed.

If your website takes half a century to load, those clicks are going right back to Google Search to click a different site. (Images, videos, and gifs can be the biggest reason your site is loading slow! Make sure they're optimized for web.)

Reason 3:

Site Health.

Site crawlers catalog errors, and errors make google and other search engines lose trust in you! (Most common site health errors I see are no SSL certificate, linking to http:// and not https://, broken links, and no alt image text.)

Reason 4:

Content Hierarchy & Meta Data.

These are crucial for not only site health, but in telling crawlers what your page is all about. Implementing your keywords here in the right places, in the right way is the key to rank for those search terms.

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