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Welcome to SEO School!

A high-touch SEO training program for web designers and copywriters who are looking to increase their knowledge, skills, and package rates.

Let me guess....

  • You’ve avoided learning SEO for years because every time you try you just feel confused and overwhelmed.
  • When you go to the University of Google you’re not sure if the information you’re getting is correct, and you want to make sure you’re doing things right.
  • Most of the SEO spaces are filled with men so you don’t feel safe asking questions because you’ve seen how they’ve responded to others and the sexist jokes they make.
  • The other SEO courses either don’t offer any kind of support, or don’t teach the kind of strategy that will get you and your clients actual results.

It doesn't have to be that way.

Upgrade Your Knowledge, Sign More Clients, Get Results.

Just take it from past students!

slack message - that's a fast return on your program! From no rankings other than my name to ranking for my chosen main search term in less than a month!
slack dm - when I reposed that I'm enrolled in SEO School I had 3 people reach out to me. The possibility of already getting back my ROI right before the course officially begins is crazy!
slack dm - my little web design site has never had these impressions before

What's included in this 6-week training program?

  • Pre-Recorded Modules

    Lessons and training videos dripped to you each week

  • Private Slack Channel

    With your cohort to ask questions, get support, and cheer each other on

  • 1:1 Call with Rachel

    To talk through your potential SEO offerings and any other questions you have (Week 6)

  • Weekly Cohort ZOOM Calls

    To answer questions and dive even deeper (Weeks 1-5)

  • Rachel's Client Templates

    Access to the templates I use with my clients for audits, keyword strategy, and more

  • Access to Ahrefs

    You'll get access to Ahref's for the duration of the program

computer mockup keyword research module
seo school on phone mockup

If you are looking to:

  • Learn SEO in a way that actually makes sense to your brain
  • Learn SEO in a  safe, supportive environment
  • Learn SEO strategies that ACTUALLY work
  • And help you and your clients rank on google & make more $$$

You are exactly who I created SEO School for!

rachel schardt headshot

Hi, I'm Rachel -

your new seo bff

I’ve helped my clients rank for hundreds of keywords and make multiple 6-figures from organic traffic.

What I teach in SEO School is the exact strategy I’ve perfected for myself and my clients over the years – no gatekeeping over here.

I don’t believe in “Vanity Metric” traffic (a bunch of traffic for the sake of a bunch of traffic). My goal for my clients and students is to get organic traffic that actually converts. 

& if you’re into personality things: I’m an ENFP, Manifesting Generator, Enneagram 7, Sagittarius (with a Leo Moon, & Sagittarius Rising).

Here's How It All Goes Down:

Week One:

The Foundation

Intro to SEO and our SEO Tools

Homework: Set Up Your Tools

Week Two:

Technical SEO

Site Health & Site Architecture

Homework: Technical SEO Site Audit

Week Three:


Keyword Research and Keyword Strategy

Homework: Begin Keyword Research

Week Four:

Keywords & On-Site SEO

Keyword Implementation, Writing Titles,
SEO Website Checklist

Homework: Create Your Keyword Outline

Week Five:

Off-Site SEO

Building Site Authority with Backlinks & Off-Site Profiles

Homework: Set Up 1 Profile
& Identify 1 Backlink from Competitor Research

Week Six:

SEO Reports & Packages

What Data to Report, Offering SEO to Clients

Homework: Think through potential SEO offerings for
yourself, Attend your 1:1 Call

Bonus Module:

Instagram SEO

Types of Instagram SEO, Instagram Keyword Research,
How to Optimize your Instagram for Search

Homework: Optimize your Instagram Profile
& your Future Content

What Students Say

Payment Options

Once you apply and are accepted, you'll receive the checkout link.

Four Payments of


Budget-friendly 4-month payment plan

Two Payments of


Let's go halfsies with this 2-month plan

Pay in Full


One and done, baby

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Still not sure this is for you? Here are some Frequently Asked Questions.

We kick off the week of April 11th! 

We will vote on a day and time for our weekly ZOOM calls once everyone is in the slack channel. All calls will be recorded and uploaded to your portal if you can’t make it live, and any questions can also be asked in the slack channel.

A hybrid model is how I personally learn best. I want to be able to digest the lessons on my own, rewind, and then have a place to ask questions and build upon the recordings!

There are currently no other hybrid model SEO courses (to my knowledge). They are either all pre-recorded with no support, or all live calls.

The problem with both of those models is SEO is A LOT of information. Those other models aren’t ideal for anyone with ADHD, ADD, *insert other neuro-diversity here.*

Absolutely! While this program is targeted to those wanting to add SEO to their product suite, past students have taken it to improve their own SEO, and to be able to chat about it with coaching clients.

Yes! We will cover all of the foundational stuff you need to know.

There may be some things you’ve heard before, but this course’s bread and butter is strategy that makes $$. If you’ve been implementing SEO with no results… this course is exactly what you need to figure out where you’ve been going wrong!

3-4 hours a week! This includes watching modules, attending live calls, and completing homework assignments.

I want to make sure you’re a good fit for the program, and the program is a good fit for you!

I’m not sure yet! Probably at the end of 2022.

No. If you are looking for a certificate, you can take the HubSpot SEO Certification Course. This course is very basic and does not cover keyword strategy, but you will get a certificate! 

You will have access to your portal for at least 6 months!

Generally, you can expect to see an ROI in 4-6 months. Newer sites can take up to a year but this is dependent on multiple factors. Most of my clients see new keywords picked up within the first month.